• Bicycles of Christchurch

    Bicycles of Christchurch0

    Do you like to admire interesting and stylish bikes around the city? Now there’s a new outlet for you to indulge your cyclistic passion – Bicycles of Christchurch: If you come across a cool bike around the city, you can submit it to this Tumblr website for everyone’s viewing pleasure. Maybe you like the colour

  • Cycling and the Law: Things that can go on or with a Bike

    Cycling and the Law: Things that can go on or with a Bike2

    In our earlier legal articles we considered what counts as a cycle and where you can legally bike. Now let’s look at what you can and can’t have on your bike (well you can take it from the earlier discussion that you can’t have a petrol motor for starters…). {The usual disclaimers; not a lawyer,

  • Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up

    Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up18

    Many of the current road transport regulations in place in New Zealand were drafted really only with motor vehicles in mind; trying to apply them to cycles as well doesn’t always make sense. New developments in cycling network design also require changes to be made to the existing legislation to reflect their usage (e.g. did

  • Photo of the Day (Night): Winter Solstice Ride 2016

    Photo of the Day (Night): Winter Solstice Ride 20162

    Another year, another great turn-out for this year’s Winter Solstice Bike Ride. People young and old converged on North Hagley Park at the end of Tuesday to show off their bike bling and go for a fun ride… About 265 people (give or take a few) turned up on a variety of bikes decorated in

  • Guest Bike Review: The Mighty Pilen

    Guest Bike Review: The Mighty Pilen0

    This review from guest blogger Stephen first appeared on his blog: The mighty Pilen: a review I now own a Pilen Lyx. It’s a big, robust city bicycle, designed by Swedes, made with modern components, but decidedly old school. For some years now I’ve been gravitating towards old-fashioned bicycles intended for commuting at low speeds

  • Photo of the Day: Anzac Day Bike Parking

    Photo of the Day: Anzac Day Bike Parking3

    Like many keen souls, I was up fairly early last Monday morning to go and attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Cranmer Square. Knowing that car parking would be a nightmare (I saw people walking in from over a kilometre away), I hopped on my trusty two-wheeled steed and biked in; fortunately the weather



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